Welcome to my pages

Welcome to my pages

My name is Renata Svobodova and I was born on one summer day in 1979 in Prague.
Although I liked drawing since I was small, my budge father commanded that it is right time to start to play (his beloved)
accordeon. I was 4. We made it with my patient teacher 13 years together, when we started then chat more than play and
the bladder of accordeon was breathing heavily only by relief from the unplayed tones.
Even on the Grammar school I didn´t get to drawing as from the obvious reasons (against my vain protests) I had to attend
musical section, not the art one.

Only occasional scribble (mainly with coal and pencil) during the walk in Prague was my connection with my art work. And
classics – sketches on the edges of the note books (of course paper ones that time:-)
I got to the „real“ drawing/painting with my husband (that time in date-phase), when he was playing with his friends card
game Middle Earth in tea rooms. Although I like hobbits and Tolkien´s world, the game appeared too complicated, so I
rather draw according to the drawings on the cards into the free pages of my diary. Then there came shopping – note
books, sketch books, temperas, then there came other topics to draw than dwarfs and the dragon Smack, buy of easel and..
my first exhibition.

Because I never learnt to draw/paint, I am sure my creations are technically imprecise and I confess drawing/painting of
people is still quite a misery so far  Nevertheless I create from my heart for pleasuse.
My biggest idols are French impressionists – mainly monsieur Claude Monet.
Long time ago I discovered magic of oil pastel drawing, later I went over to soft pastels.
I have been neglecting oil pastels for many years. This year I am going to come back to them.
As about painting – I like combination of tempera and acrylic.
From the topics – I like to draw/paint nature the most – woods, alleys and animals.

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